Friday, November 23, 2007

Framing starts

This was a great week - they started the framing, and we can now see actual rooms: the garage and lower bedroom as well as their views. The lake has looked beautiful all week as Seattle has enjoyed a gorgeous week of weather. Tonight when we were driving home there was a full moon over the lake that was breathtaking.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with all the family yesterday, and remembered that it was exactly a year ago that Paul came home from the hospital following his car accident. Joy!

Monday, November 12, 2007

We've been floored

This week was exciting because they laid the cement slab, and now we have the look of a real house.

John DeForest, our wonderful architect, suggested that we place an old coin in the slab for good luck, so we placed an old lucky penny right in the front of the garage. Paul's mom, Delphie, used to save the old pennies that are called "wheat pennies" - they have wheat sheafs instead of the Lincoln Memorial on the back side. We also couldn't resist putting our initials in the cement, too.

We have a garage!

Paul and I are thrilled to see the outline of our new garage; although garages were part of our lives growing up in the Midwest, we haven't had one in the thirty years we've been in Seattle!

We are also delighted to see the view from the entry -
We are having a great time watching all the stages of house-building!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our nest is out of the ground

most of October was spent building the footings and walls for our nest

They waterproofed the walls, (the black line in the photo), brought truckloads of dirt in for the backfill, and stomped it down-