Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dirtying the Nest

August 13 -16

This week has been spent excavating the lot, removing truckloads of dirt, and marking the spots for drilling the auger piles.

And every now and then, we look over at the lake and see all sorts of fun things - like this downed floatplane being towed to shore, or this lovely boat cruising past the house.

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The Moumings said...

Hello Nesters! Congratulations on commencing the Nest! We have received so many positive comments in response to keeping a construction blog, and wanted to send our best to you during your construction process. You certainly have a beautiful location. We've visited Seattle twice during the design process, and have fallen in love with the area. Since we know John will see this blog regularly, we'll compliment him at yet another web address. Our "favorite architect" as we now know him has been a complete joy to work with, and we know that as the Nest progresses, his skill, professionalism, and love for the process will become more apparent with each step. We look forward to following the Nest to completion!
Geoff and Joanna, Yum Yum Farm